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The "Mastering Guitar" course is fast becoming a best seller, now is the perfect time to reap the benefits!

"Mastering Guitar" is soon to become one of the top selling products on Clickbank! As the most comprehension guitar course on the internet it is converting like crazy!

The design of the website has been applauded by many, and in turn has pushed up our sales substancially. Therefore making sales has never been easier, all you have to do is lead visitors to the website and we'll take care of the rest! To make things even sweeter we offer you 60% commission for EVERY sale you refer!

It all comes down to how many people you send to the site! You make an incredible 60% on all sales, so let's do the math:

For Each Sale You Earn: 60%
Mastering Guitar Course = $47.00
You Receive 60% = $27.20 per sale (after Clickbank's fee)

Sales Per Day Monthly Earnings Yearly Earnings



10 $8,160.00 $97,920.00
25 $20,400.00 $244,800.00
50 $40,800.00 $489,600.00
100 $81,600.00 $979,200.00


1. Our refund rate is below the industry standard of 1/250. This means that you will never have to worry about losing your hard earned income due to unsatisfied customers!

2. We use Clickbank exclusively, which means you get 100% of your sales from a single source. (Comes in very handy when tax time rolls around!)

3. Guitar Tutor Pro has a backend product line in the works that will earn you even more money in the future!

4. We have fantastic promotional materials for you to use when promoting the website. (See below)

5. Our clients are always sending thankyou emails and asking when the Mastering Lead Guitar course is due. So you can bet that they'll purchase it when it's released... and you will get a healthy commission!

Clickbank is known internationally as the leading 3rd party affiliate program on the internet. With over 10,000 products in their database, you can be sure they know what they are doing!

Clickbank sends checks out on the 1st and the 15th of every month! International affiliates are also welcome!

If you don't have a clickbank ID, sign up now! It takes less than a minute.

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Once you have a clickbank ID, send your visitors to:


Replace "YOURID" in the link above with YOUR Clickbank Username and get 60% of every sale you refer!

The fastest and easiest way to generate sales is by using Pay Per Click Search Engines!

The perfect place to start your advertising campaign is using Google Adwords and other pay per click search engines. If you are new to PPC search engines I encourage you to check out a great ebook called GOOGLECASH. Inside it will show you exactly what you need to do to create advertisements that pull like crazy! As well as how to manage your campaigns... plus tons more!

Another great tool to use is ADWORD ANALYZER. This piece of software can save you hours upon hours when deciding which keywords to bid on when using PPC. A must have!


1. Google AdWords
2. Yahoo! Search Marketing
3. Microsoft adCenter
4. 7 Search
5. Adknowledge
6. Advertise.com
7. Marchex Adhere

Below you will find text links and banners you can use to promote the site. Also in the next couple of weeks we will add a number of pre-made sales letters for you to use in your email campaigns and website promotions.

A quick note: Text Links have been proven to get a higher click-through rate than banners, current stats are: (Text Links = 3.5% CTR) (Banner Ads = 1.3% CTR).


<a href="http://www.guitartutorpro.com/go.php?offer=YOURID&pid=1">Guitar Tutor Pro - Learn to play guitar like a true professional!</a>

<a href="http://www.guitartutorpro.com/go.php?offer=YOURID&pid=1">Learn to master the guitar with Guitar Tutor Pro!</a>

- Remember to replace YOURID with your unique Clickbank username.


Below are some banners for you to use, simply cut and paste the code into your webpage. Again, remember to replace USERID with you unique Clickbank username.

<a href="http://www.guitartutorpro.com/go.php?offer=YOURID&pid=1"><img src="http://www.guitartutorpro.com/banners/banner1.gif" width="468" height="60"></a>

<a href="http://www.guitartutorpro.com/go.php?offer=YOURID&pid=1"><img src="http://www.guitartutorpro.com/banners/banner2.gif" width="468" height="60"></a>


'Save As' and use this advertisement in your promotional campaigns!

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